A variety of workshops providing individuals with a safe space & tools to empower themselves. In addition, Jane facilitates Earth Cycle festivals including Solstice & Equinox celebrations. 

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a complementary therapy that works on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Interacting with these energy fields to heal, calm, stimulate or adjust energies to bring the body back into balance.     



Workshop Diary

With a strong connection to our Celtic lands, all workshops are delivered in a safe space with integrity allowing creative flow to be enjoyed with laughter and learning.

Upcoming Workshops


                                      Samhain - Ancestors day 31st October 2020



                                         Samhain is one of the cross quarter festivals of the Wheel of the Year.

It is the third and final harvest festival of nuts and berries. All the harvest has been gathered – the end of the cycle, the point of death. The seeds from the harvest have fallen into the belly of Gaia, dormant and still, waiting for rebirth in the spring. On this day It is time to honour and light a candle to our ancestors as veils between the worlds are at their thinnest



About Me

Jane Jones is based in Marldon, Devon and is a Graduate Crystal Therapist & Empowerment facilitator for 'Creating a Space for Healing'.

Working with the strong connection of Earth Magic & bound by an ethical code, I invite you to share my journey to assist you in your own personal growth. 

Fully insured and ICGT qualified

Registered practitioner with ACHO




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