Autumn 2018

By Jane Jones | 29th September 2018

As the energy of the summer starts to wind down and we embrace the change of season at the autumn equinox, I love to see the rich red & orange colours of the leaves. They remind me of my favourite jaspers, the nurturing energy of red jasper helps to boost my energy levels, while yellow…

Beltane 2018

By Jane Jones | 1st May 2018

Beltane marks the halfway point between spring & summer. With the abundance of recent rain the earth has indeed greened up the land ready for new growth. Some crystals to work with at this new energy time are, emerald, bloodstone, malachite and aventurine 🙂

Spring Equinox 2018

By Jane Jones | 19th March 2018

           A new season of growth is upon us.    On the equinox, night and day are nearly exactly the same length all over the world.  As the snow melts away there is a new energy awaiting to burst forth, a changing of season from the winter to spring. The spring equinox marks this,…

Imbolc 2018

By Jane Jones | 1st February 2018

 As the 2nd February fast approaches, it marks the arrival of the first earth celebration of Imbolc. The first whispers of spring can be seen as the snowdrops begin to appear. This is a gentle reminder that new life continues to stir within Mother Earth and within us. Crystals can be used to enhance our…

Winter Crystals

By Jane Jones | 1st January 2018

Winter blues. Have you ever suffered from the winter blues? Well, two crystals that would uplift your mood during the winter months are citrine and sunstone. Citrine is known as the ‘joie de vivre’ crystal. A beautiful pale to golden yellow colour that reminds the bodies energy of the golden sunrays of summer. You can…

Autumn Equinox ….a time to restore balance and taking stock….

By Jane Jones | 20th September 2017

                                            Welcoming the change in season…… a new energy phrase to for us to take stock As the sun moves into the sun sign of Libra this is a time look at restoring balance in…

Making a Corn Doll for Lammas workshop

By Jane Jones | 31st July 2017

   Creating a corn doll for Lammas workshop 31/07/17

Crystal Circle – Heart & Soul Tuesday 18th July 2017

By Jane Jones | 9th July 2017

♥ HEART & SOUL ♥ TUESDAY 18TH JULY 2017   19:00–21:00 Crystal Circle this month is suitable for both the complete beginner and those wishing to further develop existing knowledge.We will be using both crystals and guided meditation to focus on restoring balance within the self and the heart space. Green is one of the colours of…

Summer Mandala

By Jane Jones | 25th June 2017

Summer Mandala

Summer Solstice 2017

By Jane Jones | 20th June 2017

All of nature vibrates, the earth busks in the light and life of the sun. For us it’s about letting the natural flow of the earth’s cycles resonate inside us. The Summer Solstice is the perfect time to focus on the positive and move forward.                      …

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