Winter Crystals

Winter blues.

Have you ever suffered from the winter blues? Well, two crystals that would uplift your mood during the winter months are citrine and sunstone.

Citrine is known as the ‘joie de vivre’ crystal. A beautiful pale to golden yellow colour that reminds the bodies energy of the golden sunrays of summer. You can put a tumble citrine in your pocket, place a citrine cluster in your home or workspace. Wear a pendant or citrine earrings, this has a very uplifting feeling around the head.

 Sunstone carries the energy of the sun and light. Known as  the ‘joyful stone’ it increases vitality and has a lifting effect on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Colours range from orange, red, to brownish tones. It can sometimes have sparkling tiny spots across its surface. Tumblies and jewellery can be worn and larger pieces of the crystal can be placed around your home or workspace.

Both crystals will give the wearer a positive energy boost in the winter months.

All crystals should be treated with care and respect. It is important to remember to cleanse your crystals after buying them and prior to wearing. Through use they accumulate energies which you don’t want passed into your energy system.

 A few simple quick cleansing methods are:

Smudging – a smudge stick of sage, sweetgrass, lavender or cedar. This is an ancient form of purification. Once lit allow the smoke to pass around the crystals.

Sound – effective for purifying several crystals at one time. You can use a singing bowl, tuning fork or , all are ideal sound cleansers


 Clusters – placing crystals or crystal jewellery on an amethyst cluster will neutralise any negative vibrations.                                                              

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